Decoder Ensemble & Kötter/Seidl

Unterdeck / Below Deck

This concert has already taken place! € 15.00
This concert has already taken place! € 15.00

Hannes Seidl and Daniel Kötter have been working together as a creative duo for more than ten years. In their work together, the Bremen-based composer and the video artist continuously probe the points of intersection between music theatre, experimental film, live performance and installation. Topical issues and political themes also always play a major role in their collaboration. In this cooperation with the Decoder Ensemble they get right to the heart of the interplay between visual and musical media.


Hannes Seidl composition

Daniel Kötter video

Decoder Ensemble

Leopold Hurt zither
Carola Schaal clarinet
Sonja Lena Schmid violoncello
Jonathan Shapiro drums
Alexander Schubert electronic, sound design


Hannes Seidl

Duration approx. 60 Min.


Unterdeck / Below Deck

Promoter: HamburgMusik