Cordula Stratmann & Bjarne Mädel

»Sie mich auch!«

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Tickets from €35.65 35.65 | 42.55 | 48.30 | 55.20 | 62.10
Codula Stratmann
Codula Stratmann © Maya Claussen
Bjarne Mädel
Bjarne Mädel © Jürgen Bauer

Beleidigte Leberwurst

Witty, quick-witted, never at a loss for a punchline: When Cordula Stratmann and Bjarne Mädel join forces live on stage in »Sie mich auch!« to ponder being insulted and insults in and of themselves, there’s not a dry eye in the house! Despite all the divisiveness, there is one thing that is bringing people around the world ever closer together: We have become one big club of the offended. In traffic, at the supermarket checkout, among relatives, in politics big and small, everywhere we shake our heads and pick up insults, someone is always trying to do something to us.

This event takes place in German.

This evening is a literary exercise in recognising many an insult as a shimmering soap bubble that is very easy to burst. With the help of Thomas Bernhard, Arthur Schopenhauer and Dorothy Parker, the history of insults and the cleverest way to deal with them will be explored. What is a good insult? Should you always insult back? How do you cut a good figure when taking offence? Is it even possible to look good while insulting?


Bjarne Mädel comedian

Cordula Stratmann comedian


»Sie mich auch

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