Chor zur Welt

»Around the World«

Chor zur Welt
Chor zur Welt © Claudia Höhne
Women of Wuppertal
Women of Wuppertal © Bettina Osswald

Songs that mean the world

People from more than 15 countries sing in the Chor zur Welt – and that in a variety of languages, from German and Greek to Arabic. All the choir’s members share a curiosity for the music of other cultures and a love of experimenting with their voices. Under conductor Jörg Mall, they rehearse programmes on various themes. This season the choir is travelling around the world in songs – inspired by the stories and memories of its own members. They have collected favourite works from their various home countries, including Japan, Albania, Greece, Turkey and Ukraine. They will be presenting the result in Bürgerhaus Wilhelmsburg – together, for the first time, with the 30 international singers of the Women of Wuppertal and their choirmaster Hayat Chaoui.


Chor zur Welt

choir direction Jörg Mall

Women of Wuppertal

choir direction Hayat Chaoui

ensemble reflektor


»Around the World« / Lieblingsstücke aus den Heimatorten der Chormitglieder

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