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Manuel Göttsching
Manuel Göttsching © MG.ART


Pioneers of Electronic Music in the Elbphilharmonie Grand and Recital Halls

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It was a small step for a musician, but a great one for the music world: on a December afternoon in 1981, Manuel Göttsching plugged in a drum computer, a sequencer, keyboards and his electric guitar, and recorded a piece of music just under an hour in length, to which he gave the title »E2-E4« after the most common opening move in the game of chess. And thus, without knowing it, he laid an important foundation stone for genres like techno and trance. The Elbphilharmonie now dedicates a three-day festival to Manuel Göttsching and other »electronauts« that also gives audiences a new chance to hear the music of Göttsching’s Krautrock band Ash Ra Tempel.

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