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Kulturhaus 73
Sat, 30 Apr 2016   19:00

Marino Formenti & Friends / Open House / Abschlusskonzert

2. Internationales Musikfest Hamburg

Closing party: for one stimulating week, Marino Formenti has locked himself in the Kulturhaus 73 on Schulterblatt to develop and experiment with new ideas and musical oeuvres with musicians, young people and refugees from Hamburg and beyond. This has taken place not behind locked doors, but by contrast as an open process completely without stylistic boundaries. At the 2nd Hamburg International Music Festival, Formenti’s biggest artistic vision becomes reality, in which a concert is not a concert, but rather a permanent, interactive installation.


Christian Belau Schlagzeug

Hava Bekteshi Cifteli und Gesang

Florian Bronk Percussion

Luise Determann Giitarre


Cordula Grolle Violoncello

Benjamin Holzapfel double bass

Guido Höper Beatbox

Kalle Kalima electric guitar

Hamed Kondozi Gesang

David Moss voice

Sebastian Reier DJ

Michael Rosner Schlagzeug

Daniel Sorour Violoncello, Electronics, Noise

Matho Thomsen Schlagzeug

Patrick Timmann Gesang

André Wittmann Synths, Gesang, Noise

Derya Yıldırım bağlama, vocals

Dawoud Yousefi Rap

Marino Formenti piano and artistic director


Promoter: HamburgMusik gGmbH

A production of the 2nd Hamburg International Music Festival. Supported by the Rudolf Augstein Stiftung.