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Hauptkirche St. Michaelis
Thu, 5 Feb 2015   20:00

Jordi Savall / Krieg und Frieden

Lux aeterna

Modern political borders in Europe are the result of centuries of conflict. Between 1613 and 1713, for example, Ottoman conquests, the Thirty Years War and the War of the Spanish Succession led to an almost constant state of tension in this part of the world. The highly acclaimed viola da gamba player, musicologist and ensemble founder Jordi Savall has chosen to represent this century by combining sacred and secular works from different countries, cultures and religions in a musical fresco, uniting human destinies from all sides together in music. For Savall, who has been named a UNESCO Artist for Peace, this is not only an artistic statement but also a political one, and it comes at a time when the ‘project of Europe’ again appears to be in a precarious position.


Hespèrion XXI

Le Concert des Nations

La Capella Reial de Catalunya

María Cristina Kiehr soprano

Hanna Bayodi-Hirt soprano

Ingeborg Dalheim soprano

Marianne Beate Kielland mezzo-soprano

Jorge Enrique García alto

David Sagastume countertenor

Nicholas Mulroy tenor

Lluís Vilamajó tenor

Stephan MacLeod bass baritone

Daniele Carnovich bass

Hakan Güngör kanun

Nedyalko Nedyalkov kaval

Yurdal Tokcan oud

Dimitri Psonis santur

Jordi Savall viola da gamba, musical director


Krieg und Frieden / 1613 ‒ 1714
Werke von Samuel Scheidt, Johann Hermann Schein, Francesco Cavalli, Giovanni Rosenmüller, Jean-Baptiste Lully, John Blow, Georg Friedrich Händel, Vasily Titov u.a.

Arvo Pärt
Da pacem Domine / für Chor und Streichorchester

Concert Broadcast

Dieses Konzert wird mitgeschnitten. Die Aufnahme ist am 20. März 2015 um 20 Uhr auf NDR Kultur zu hören.

Promoter: HamburgMusik gGmbH

In cooperation with NDR Das Alte Werk. Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation.