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World of Instruments

Trying out is strictly allowed! With over 400 instruments on offer, ranging from violins and trumpets to timpani and oriental ouds, immerse yourself in the World of Instruments’ diverse music workshops at the Elbphilharmonie.

Not Just for Kids

The experience of playing music with others is the focus of the World of Instruments - even for those without prior musical knowledge! Other creative courses such as »Klassiko Orchester« and »Kosmos Percussion«, during which instruments from classical symphony orchestras and percussion instruments from the Caribbean and Asia can be tried out, are also found here.

With this wide range of courses on offer, the World of Instruments takes the place of the Klingendes Museum, founded by Gerd Albrecht. The museum closed on 21 July 2016 and was previously located in the basement of the Laeiszhalle; the World of Instruments now moves to new and larger premises in the Kaistudios in the Elbphilharmonie, and expands its programme with many new courses.

The World of Instruments is open to all age groups: kids, young people and adults. The focus of this season’s 2016/17 workshops is schools and kindergartens.

All courses on offer from September will be published on this page in summer 2017.


phone: +49 40 357 666 336 (Mon–Fri / 12:00–15:00)

Cost of participation for all courses/workshops: €5.00

Course/workshop language: German

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What makes the Elbphilharmonie World of Instruments so special? Which musical instrument was faced with the longest journey to join our collection and what is a gamelan orchestra?

Interview with the Head of the World of Instruments


Klassiko Orchester

For all aged 4+

Embark on an interactive journey through the classical symphony orchestra. Orchestral instruments ranging from the violin to the tuba are waiting to get to know you! And because trying out is known to be more fun than mere listening, all featured instruments may be played by participants - under the helpful guidance of professionals. Each course is specially designed according to the age and interests of the participants; 1/8 violins for the young ones and specially adapted instruments for people with handicaps. Come along and discover your new favourite instrument!

Supported by the Hubertus Wald Stiftung.

Classic Orchestra


All 2016/17 courses are now sold out. The upcoming season’s courses and workshops will be announced in summer.

Kosmos Percussion

For all aged 6+

Music is made everywhere in the world – partly on musical instruments we have never seen before. In this workshop, families and children are invited on a sound expedition through different cultures of the world. Under expert guidance, several kinds of drums and xylophones found from the Caribbean to Asia are waiting to be discovered - all of them having travelled several thousand kilometres just to be put to the test.

Supported by the Stiftung Elbphilharmonie with funding from the »Körber Fonds ZukunftsMusik«.

Cosmos Percussion


All 2016/17 courses are now sold out. The upcoming season’s courses and workshops will be announced in summer.

Klingendes Mobil / Sound Mobile

The Klingendes Mobil makes its way to cultural centres, kindergartens and primary schools throughout the city. With around 50 classical and non-European musical instruments on board, a range of programmes specially designed for different age groups are offered by professional music educators on location.

Supported by the Hubertus Wald Stiftung.


Booking and Information

phone: +49 40 357 666 336 (Mon–Fri / 12:00–15:00)