St. Pauli Theater Meets Elbphilharmonie

Replaces concert from 2 January 2021

St. Pauli Allstars

Anyone who has made it in St. Pauli district, on the Reeperbahn, need not be afraid of any stage anywhere in the world. That includes the stage of the Elbphilharmonie Grand Hall just around the corner. This is where an all-star ensemble from Hamburg will be setting off on a musical journey around the world to mark the New Year. Joining the adventure: Stefan Gwildis with his band, Gitte Hænning, cabaret icon Gerburg Jahnke, chansonnier Robert Kreis, the DamenLikörChor and Katie Freudenschuss.

Please note: This event replaces the cancelled concert from 2 January 2021. Tickets purchased for the postponed concert are valid for this event.


Stefan Gwildis vocals

Gitte Hænning vocals

Katie Freudenschuss piano, vocals

Robert Kreis revue


Gerburg Jahnke moderation

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Promoter: St. Pauli Theater Produktions GmbH

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