Elbtonal Percussion Meets Christian Brückner

Replaces concert from 21 March 2020

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»Moby Dick« is a classic of world literature. Published in 1851 by the American author Herman Melville, the novel narrates the exciting story of Captain Ahab’s hunt of the white whale, driven by the obsession for revenge and retribution – and complete with numerous tangents into the fields of science, philosophy, art history and mythology. What was originally developed as an audio book presentation has now been adapted into a concert programme with book reading: »Moby Dick«, read by the »Voice of Germany« Christian Brückner and musically illustrated by Elbtonal Percussion.

Please note: This event replaces the cancelled concert from 21 March 2020. Tickets purchased for the postponed concert are valid for this event.


Elbtonal Percussion

Christian Brückner narrator


Moby Dick – eine musikalische Lesung

Promoter: Karsten Jahnke Konzertdirektion

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