Creative Orchestra – Lab

Shaping Hamburg’s musical life together: in the seminar for creative and musical group leaders in July

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Kreativorchester © Claudia Höhne

Love experiments? The Creative Orchestra Lab invites all creative group leaders to learn from and with each other for four whole days. The Creative Orchestra team (Magdalena Abrams, Tobias Dutschke, Caroline Krohn and Susanne Paul) will be opening the doors to its lab and sharing various methods, works and exercises. Not only will these serve as inspiration for the work in the ensemble and in your own city district – they can also be a starting point for exchange between colleagues. How can we get different groups of people excited about music? Which strategies are other ensembles and city districts pursuing? And how can we improve communication amongst ourselves? Participants will have a chance to explore these questions together in a friendly and creative atmosphere.

The seminar is based on the Elbphilharmonie Creative Orchestra’s experiences over the last five years. As one of the Elbphilharmonie’s six join-in ensembles, it invites people to give it a go and make music playfully twice a year. Then, in the final concerts, the participants present what they’ve been rehearsing together: be that musical, spoken, scenic, improvised, wacky or unique.