Vanessa Porter

Rising Stars

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Hypnotic sound landscapes

With a wide variety of different instruments from body percussion through bells to the vibraphone, percussionist Vanessa Porter creates hypnotic soundscapes ranging from delicate beauty to violent eruptions. She also integrates electronic sounds into her playing – and a new work commissioned from the important composer Georges Aperghis, which has its first performance tonight.
As a percussion teacher's daughter, Vanessa Porter inherited a love of rhythm, so it was not long before she started playing the vibraphone, drums and mallets herself. In the meantime, the artist from Laupheim in Baden-Württemberg has completed her studies in London and Stuttgart and is now touring Europe, Asian and America – sometimes with creative solo programmes, sometimes in an acclaimed duo with her sister or in the Daidalos Percussion Quartet, which she founded together with fellow students. Improvisation, electronics and performance art are as much a particular of her experimental programmes as her cooperation with contemporary composers.


Vanessa Porter percussion

Daniel Weingarten sound design


Vinko Globokar
?Corporel für Bodypercussion

David Lang
The Anvil Chorus

Georges Aperghis
Auftragswerk der ECHO / Kompositionsauftrag von Kölner Philharmonie, Festspielhaus Baden-Baden und European Concert Hall Organisation (ECHO)
Le corps à corps für Zarb und Stimme

sowie Werke von Salvatore Sciarrino

Vorgestellt – Das Künstlergespräch mit Vanessa Porter und Dorothee Kalbhenn
18:30 / Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, Kleiner Saal


Rising Stars

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Nominiert von Festspielhaus Baden-Baden und Kölner Philharmonie

In Kooperation mit ECHO - European Concert Hall Organisation

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