Mahler Chamber Orchestra / Christiane Karg / Leif Ove Andsnes

»Mozart Momentum 1785/1786«

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This concert has already taken place! 10 | 21 | 32 | 47

In search of wisdom

When Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart went to Vienna in 1781, the city was probably Europe’s most exciting metropolis: since the introduction of press freedom there in 1781, there was something for everyone to read, from philosophical treatises to literature of all kinds. Citizens and the nobility met in literary salons and Masonic lodges to discuss art, philosophy and science. Mozart soaked up the city’s diverse and dialogical cultural climate in every way he could, and composed ground-breaking works in a variety of genres.


Mitglieder des Mahler Chamber Orchestra

Christiane Karg soprano

Leif Ove Andsnes piano and director


»Mozart Momentum 1785/1786«

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Klaviertrio B-Dur KV 502
Lied der Freiheit KV 506
Die Zufriedenheit KV 473
Das Veilchen KV 476
Lied zur Gesellenreise KV 468
Der Zauberer KV 472

- Interval -

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Klavierquartett Es-Dur KV 493


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Andante / aus :Klavierquartett g-Moll KV 478

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Leif Ove Andsnes

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