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Sun, Moon and Strings

A journey through sound worlds with Ensemble Resonanz.

Gaping mouths, beaming eyes and a boisterous atmosphere: over four days, the Elbphilharmonie hosted more than 2,000 lively first- and second-graders, who took a journey through worlds of light, movement and sound in the school concert entitled »Sun, Moon and Strings«.

Ensemble Resonanz

Astonishing Soundscapes

Grooving rain jackets, speaking walls and a singing wine glass: in the new Elbphilharmonie production, five members of Ensemble Resonanz worked with composer Carola Bauckholt and director Anselm Dalferth to create a wonderful sound world. In addition to playing their instruments, the musicians also teased out all kinds of exciting sounds from biscuit tins, zips and shoe boxes – birds chirping like mad, enormous sea monsters lurking in the bubbling depths, cheeky midges that were asking to be squatted and a sudden gust of autumn wind in every corner of the Recital Hall.

Ensemble Resonanz
Ensemble Resonanz © Peter Hundert Photography

Music is Everywhere

During their visit to the Elbphilharmonie the schoolchildren experienced a storm suddenly setting in, they watched as sparkling stardust settled on the stage and they heard the magical sounds of the rising moon. At the end, there were faces beaming with joy, cries for an encore and a recognition that music is everywhere – even in places you would never expect.

The Elbphilharmonie’s General and Artistic Director Christoph Lieben-Seutter is delighted about the schoolchildren’s enthusiasm: »For me that’s the best proof that we are fulfilling our important music education mandate. We would certainly not be able to offer school concerts on this scale without the support of the Haspa Musik Stiftung.«