Elbphilharmonie Großer Saal

TONALI anniversary

Replaces concert from 19 June 2020

Future music

»BeEnigma«, a joint composition by renowned composers such as Manfred Trojahn, Peter Ruzicka, Judit Varga, Eivind Buene and José M. Sánchez-Verdú, is being premiered as part of the TONALi anniversary. The six-part work is a contemporary portrait of Ludwig van Beethoven. One part was written – and will be recited – by one of the founders of the European poetry slam scene Timo Brunke, and this runs like a golden thread connecting the various portraits.

Please note: This event replaces the cancelled concert from 19 June 2020. Tickets purchased for the postponed concert are valid for this event.


TONALi Orchester

conductor Garrett Keast

Daniel Bucurescu moderation


»BeEnigma« / Eine gemeinsame Komposition von Peter Ruzicka, Manfred Trojahn, Judit Varga, José M. Sánchez-Verdú und Eivind Buene PoetrySlammer Timo Brunke

Promoter: TONALi gGmbH