Rufus Beck / Silver-Garburg Piano Duo

»A Midsummer Night's Dream«

This concert has already taken place! € 49.00 | 39.00 | 29.00 | 19.00
This concert has already taken place! € 49.00 | 39.00 | 29.00 | 19.00

A musical and theatrical evening of wonderful comedy by William Shakespeare: in the style of a stand-up comedian, Rufus Beck performs his own ironic, modern version of »A Midsummer Night’s Dream«, slipping in and out of the roles of the various fantastical characters – Nick Bottom, Oberon, Titania, the craftsmen and the lovers. The theatrical performance is interspersed with the incidental music to »A Midsummer Night's Dream«, which the Silver-Garburg Piano Duo plays in Mendelssohn's original version for piano four hands.


Rufus Beck acting

Silver-Garburg Piano Duo

Sivan Silver piano
Gil Garburg piano


William Shakespeare
Ein musikalischer-theatralischer Abend der schönsten Komödie von William Shakespeare / Textfassung: Rufus Beck / Michael Köhlmeier

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
Ein Sommernachtstraum op. 61

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Promoter: Silver & Garburg Piano Duo GbR

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