NDR Bigband / Fiete’s Favourites

This event has already taken place! € 10.00
This event has already taken place! € 10.00

Fiete Felsch has occupied the position of 1st Alto Saxophone in the NDR Bigband for 23 years, always reliably virtuosic and punchy, sensitive and versatile in all the various projects. He is a musician who has no problem applying his ability to serve the different arrangers and bandleaders with whom he works. What is sometimes pushed to the background, perhaps, is his own vision. With »Fiete’s Favourites« Fiete Felsch now fills that gap.


Fiete Felsch alto saxophone

NDR Bigband

Saxofonquartett »Q4«

Ian Thomas drums

direction Jörg Achim Keller

Promoter: NDR