India: A rhythmic and musical portrait

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This event has already taken place! 5
This event has already taken place! 5

The Beatles, rock guitarist John McLaughlin and jazz saxophonist Charlie Mariano fell under its spell – Indian music has been a source of inspiration for world-famous musicians and bands for decades now. European or Western scales pale into insignificance compared with the huge variety of scales, known as ragas, used in Indian music. and the South Indian syllabic language »Konnakol« represents a unique system within the music of the subcontinent. It was a coincidence that originally took German percussionist Magnus Dauner to India. He discovered the world of Indian rhythms for himself, and has spent several months every year in the country since then. In his entertaining talk he uses »Konnakol« to show how complex rhythms can be expressed with the human voice. He provides interesting insights into the peculiarities of Indian music and into the everyday contact with his guru, T.A.S. Mani of the Karnataka College of Percussion, showing what it means for a musician with Western training to surrender entirely to an alien culture of learning and music.


Magnus Dauner


Reflektor Anoushka Shankar

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