Children's Concert / Symphoniker Hamburg

Kinderkonzert der Symphoniker Hamburg / ab 5 Jahren

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»At least you could hang the laundry up!« Romeo and Juliet are a bit short on domestic bliss – even though they are the world's most famous lovers. They have been living together for ages. 424 years and 17 days, to be exact. And the whole world believes that they didn't survive their exciting story way back when. Nothing could be further from the truth! In the meantime, Romeo has turned into a real lazybones, and Juliet is pretty fed up with him. But accompanied by the Symphoniker Hamburg, they revel in memories and relive the time of their great love in Verona.


Symphoniker Hamburg

conductor Vilmantas Kaliunas

Malte Arkona Konzept, Moderation

Anna-Maria Arkona Konzept, Moderation


»Romeo und Julia«


Symphoniker Hamburg / Children’s Concerts (11:00)

Promoter: Symphoniker Hamburg

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