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CANCELLED: Film Screening »Histoire(s) du cinéma«

Reflektor Manfred Eicher / Elbphilharmonie+

This event has already taken place! € 15.00
This event has already taken place! € 15.00

Please note: This screening has been cancelled. A replacement event is not planned.

»Histoire(s) du cinéma« is an eight-part video project that Jean-Luc Godard began in the late eighties and completed in 1998. With a total running time of 266 minutes, it is the French director's longest film, and one of his most complex. In it, he explores the history of the concept of cinema and how it relates to the 20th century. Comparable more than anything with James Joyce's »Finnegans Wake«, a work of art positioned in a hypothetical future where the English language has collapsed, the director projects his audience and himself into the future and asks: »What was cinema?« ECM released the soundtrack of Godard's magnum opus on record in 1999.


»Histoire(s) du cinéma«

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