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World of Instruments for Schools None

World of Instruments for Schools

Trying out is strictly allowed! With musical instruments on offer ranging from violins and trombones to timpani and synthesizers, school pupils can immerse themselves in the World of Instruments’ diverse workshops at the Elbphilharmonie.

Hear – and play – music!

Drums and violins, trumpets and trombones: the Elbphilharmonie World of Instruments’ huge collection contains more than 500 different musical instruments. These are not kept out of reach in showcases: they can be touched and tried out in 12 different theme workshops. In addition to the classical instruments, visitors can play around on synthesizers and iPads.

At the end of each workshop, participants assemble to play together. Previous knowledge is not required, and inclusion groups are welcome too. The workshops are divided into the categories »Klassiko«, »Kreativ« and »Kosmos«, and a tour of the Elbphilharmonie forms an integral part of the workshops for school classes.

Calendar: dates and times of all World of Instruments workshops for school classes 2020/21 (424.5 KB)

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Die Angebote gehen zu unterschiedlichen Zeitpunkten in den Verkauf:

Di, 11.08.2020 (16 Uhr) für mobile Angebote

Di, 01.09.2020 (16 Uhr) für Angebote von Oktober bis Dezember 2020

Di, 03.11.2020 (16 Uhr) für Angebote von Januar bis März 2021

Di, 09.02.2021 (16 Uhr) für Angebote von April bis Juni 2021


Die Elbphilharmonie vermisst die Schul- und Kita-Kinder! Nachdem wochenlang keine Veranstaltungen im Haus stattfinden konnten, wird es nun, als flexible Lösung in diesen unsicheren Zeiten, verstärkt mobile Angebote geben. Das bedeutet: Wenn die Schulklassen nicht in die Elbphilharmonie kommen können, kommen die Elbphilharmonie-Mitarbeiter eben in den Klassenraum und lassen die Workshops dort stattfinden. Viel Spaß mit unserer mobilen Instrumentenwelt!

Termine für die mobile Angebote für Schule & Kita finden ab dem 24.8.2020 statt und sind ausschließlich online ab Di, 11.8.2020 (16 Uhr) buchbar.

Kosmos | Klasse 1-13


Der brasilianische Samba steht für Sonne und Lebensfreude – und ist ein einziges Fest der Rhythmen. Die typischen Percussion-Instrumente, die dabei zum Einsatz kommen, werden im Workshop vorgestellt und können ausprobiert werden, bis der Rhythmus am Ende alle mitreißt.

Dauer: 45 Minuten

Kreativ | Klasse 1-13


Ausgestattet mit Kopfhörern und einem Tablet suchen die Schüler bei der »Klangsafari« auf dem Schulgelände nach spannenden Geräuschen und Klängen. Die eingesammelten Tonschnipsel werden anschließend mit einer App zusammengebastelt.

Dauer: 90 Minuten

Kreativ | Klasse 1-13


Wie komponiert man ein eigenes Musikstück? Im Workshop ist dies ganz praktisch zu erleben: Mit Klangexperimenten und Improvisationstechniken wird an der eigenen Komposition getüftelt. Als Instrumente kommen Alltagsgegenstände zum Einsatz, die im Klassenzimmer zu finden sind.

Dauer: 90 Minuten


From the tubby double bass and the slim flute to the mighty kettledrum: »Klassiko« takes a closer look at the instruments of the classical symphony orchestra. After all, every instrument has its own playing technique and its own unmistakeable sound. »Klassiko Orchestral Instruments« gives participants a general overview, while the workshops that follow are dedicated to individual groups of instruments.

Supported by the Hubertus Wald Stiftung

Klassiko | School Years 1-13

Orchestral Instruments

Heard in unison, string, percussion and wind instruments produce the marvellous sound of a symphony orchestra. The workshop »Klassiko Orchestral Instruments« presents them all, after which pupils can try them out themselves.

Duration: 2 hours & 15 minutes incl. break and guided tour
Venue: Elbphilharmonie Kaistudio

Teaching Resource »Klassiko Orchestral Instruments« / Years 1-13 (in German) (1.0 MB)

Klassiko | School Years 3-13

String Instruments

The violin, viola, cello and double bass form the basic skeleton of a symphony orchestra. But the strings family is a large one, and also includes the mandolin, the banjo, the ukulele as well as the record holder where the number of strings is concerned: the harp.

Duration: 2 hours & 15 minutes incl. break and guided tour
Venue: Elbphilharmonie Kaistudio

Klassiko | School Years 3-13

Percussion Instruments

The participants in this workshop drum for all they are worth: in addition to the classic orchestral percussion instruments, non-European rhythm instruments are also featured.

Duration: 2 hours & 15 minutes incl. break and guided tour
Venue: Elbphilharmonie Kaistudio


It's not only classical symphony orchestras that play at the Elbphilharmonie. The highly diverse programme also covers many other genres, from jazz and organ to world music. Thus, school pupils can make trips to a wide variety of musical worlds. In the »Kosmos« workshops, they play on Cuban drums and Indonesian gongs, or experience the effect of musical sounds with their entire bodies.

Supported by the Stiftung Elbphilharmonie with funding from the Körber Foundation’s »ZukunftsMusik«.

Kosmos | School Years 1-6


Our ears are not the only way of hearing music: sound chairs, water spring bowls and other unusual instruments invite participants to experience sounds intensively with their whole body and all their senses. Pupils attending this workshop feel the relaxing effect of the vibrations produced and even make sounds visible.

Duration: 3 hours & 15 minutes incl. break and guided tour
Venue: Elbphilharmonie Kaistudio

Kosmos | School Years 3-13


The traditional Indonesian gamelan consists of gongs, metallophones, drums und xylophones. By trying these instruments out, participants find out how the gamelan brings people together: the sense of community is always paramount in Indonesian music.

Duration: 3 hours & 30 minutes incl. break
Venue: Elbphilharmonie Kaistudio

Kosmos | School Years 3-13


In this workshop, the participants get to know rattles, drums and other percussion instruments from all over the world, for example, from Asia, South America or the Caribbean. Infectious rhythms typical of their country are given a try, and at the end, everyone plays together.

Duration: 2 hours & 15 minutes incl. break and guided tour
Venue: Elbphilharmonie Kaistudio

Teaching Resource »Kosmos Percussion« / Years 1-4 (in German) (138.5 KB)

Kosmos | School Years 5-13

Jazz Instruments

In jazz you can throw caution to the winds and enjoy total freedom! This workshop teaches participants the basic principles of jazz and the typical instruments of the genre. At the end, everyone plays a small piece together. No previous knowledge required.

Duration: 2 hours & 15 minutes incl. break and guided tour
Venue: Elbphilharmonie Kaistudio

Kosmos | School Years 7-13


The Elbphilharmonie organ has a total of 4,765 pipes – so many that you may well get a bit confused sometimes. Luckily, organist Thomas Cornelius is on hand to explain the instrument's secrets and introduce the participants to the many timbres the organ has: firstly using a model, then on the real instrument in the Grand Hall.

Duration: 2 hours & 30 minutes incl. break
Venue: Elbphilharmonie Kaistudio and Grand Hall


In the »Kreativ« workshops, participants can put their own ideas into practice, experiment, discover new things and even get a little bit crazy. At the »Sound Safari« they assemble scraps of sound previously recorded to create their own, personal piece. At the composition workshop and at the workshop »Modular Synthesizer«, they assume the role of composer themselves.

Kreativ | School Years 1-13


It's not all that hard to write your own piece of music, you just have to give it a try. After all, even great composers like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Clara Schumann started small: with a melody, a rhythm or a particularly beautiful note. The workshop participants become composers themselves through sound experiments and improvisation techniques.

Duration: 3 hours & 30 minutes incl. break and guided tour
Venue: Elbphilharmonie Kaistudio

Teaching Resource »Kreativ Composition« / Years 1-4 (in German) (1.6 MB)
Teaching Resource »Kreativ Composition« / Years 5-6 (in German) (347.7 KB)

Kreativ | School Years 3-13

Sound Safari

This workshop sends participants through the Elbphilharmonie with their ears pricked and microphones at the ready to capture exciting sounds. Is the echo in the bathroom different from in the foyer? And what does it sound like when you tap on the wooden wall? With the help of a tablet and an easy-to-use app, scraps of sound are collected and then assembled to form a little piece of music.

Duration: 3 hours & 30 minutes incl. break and guided tour
Venue: Elbphilharmonie Kaistudio

Teaching Resource »Kreativ Klangsafari« / Years 3-13 (in German) (129.1 KB)

Kreativ | School Years 7-13

Modular Synthesizer

Electronic music, a sacrosanct mystery? This workshop offers the opportunity to find out how electronic sounds are produced – practically and using one's senses. No fewer than twelve synthesizers are available for participants to create sounds, tunes and noises. Together, they make up the Modular Synthesizer Ensemble, and join forces to produce a composition of their own under the guidance of experienced synthesizer specialist Gammon.

Duration: 4 hours & 15 minutes incl. break and guided tour
Venue: Elbphilharmonie Kaistudio