Sound Mobile Packed to the brim with countless instruments to try, the Sound Mobile comes to the city districts and to your kindergarten.

The Elbphilharmonie Visits the Boroughs

Crammed to the roof with instruments, the Sound Mobile sets off to visit children all over Hamburg who can hardly wait to discover the musical treasures inside the van. Once everything has been unpacked, they embark on a fascinating journey to discover the wonderful world of musical instruments, playing on woodwind and brass, on a harp, on violins and even a tubby double bass. The Sound Mobile is making even more guest appearances than last season in different community centres, where it can be visited by groups of children. A visit to a specific day-care centre can also be arranged.

The Sound Mobile is aimed at children aged 4–6.

Supported by the Stiftung Elbphilharmonie


Offers go on sale at different times:

Tue, 9 Feb 2021 (16:00) for dates from April to June 2021

The Programme

Voyage on the Sound Ship :October to December 2020

Ship ahoy! The Sound Ship is setting off on an adventurous voyage. The sea is roaring, the ships’ horns blare – and somewhere, so the rumour goes, lies buried a mysterious treasure. Together, the children set off in search of that treasure, and on the way they come across lots of orchestral and percussion instruments.

Voyage in the Sound Rocket :January to June 2021

»We’re on an important mission: we’re flying to the Planet Flexatone!« And we’re not alone: the shared rocket is in the hands of an experienced sound pilot – composer Terhi Theremini. Experience the waterphone, flexatone and hapi drum: wonderful galactic instruments that have never been heard on these shores before – with sounds you will never forget!

At Cultural Centres

Visit the Sound Mobile in Hamburg's various cultural centres with your kindergarten group (max. 18 children)!

Start: 09:30 or 11:00
Duration: 60 minutes each (no break)
Cost: €20.00 per event

Dates and Locations


As a result of the new Germany-wide coronavirus restrictions that have been issued, all concerts in the Elbphilharmonie and Laeiszhalle have been cancelled until 20 December 2020. The events of the Sound Mobile have had to be cancelled.


6 Brakula
18–21 Jan 2021

7 Bürgerhaus Bornheide
08–11 Feb 2021

8 Jenfeld-Haus
15–18 Mar 2021

9 Stavenhagenhaus
22–25 Mar 2021

10 Fundus Theater
12–15 Apr 2021

11 Kulturwerkstatt Harburg
26–29 Apr 2021

12 Kulturhaus Süderelbe
03–06 May 2021

13 KulturA
17–20 May 2021

14 KIKU Kindeskulturhaus
31 May–03 Jun 2021

15 Sasel-Haus
07–10 Jun 2021

16 Bürgerhaus Wilhelmsburg
14–17 Jun 2021

In Your Kindergarten

Invite the Klingendes Mobil to visit your kindergarten! All that’s needed for the presentation are two rooms in your day-care centre and a parking bay for the Klingendes Mobil. You can book one or two events for the same day.

Single Event Start: 09:30
Double Event Start: 09:30 and 10:30
Duration: 60 minutes per presentation (no break)
Cost: € 20 per event (max 18 children)

Only bookable in Hamburg

SoundMobile © Maik Seehafer


JAN 2021
Mon, 25 Jan–Wed, 27 Jan

FEB 2021
Mon, 01 Feb–Wed, 03 Feb
Mon, 22 Feb–Wed, 24 Feb

MAR 2021
Mon, 29 Mar–Wed, 31 Mar

MAY 2021
Tue, 25 May–Thu, 25 May