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Around the World

A trip to the world's fascinating musical styles.

Elbphilharmonie explains: The Kora

An instrument between kings and calabashes: virtuoso Seckou Keita explains the kora.

The whole world in music

How different cultures find one another: a short history of world music.

Love Letters from London

Anoushka Shankar talks about her »Reflektor« weekend, the London scene and Ravi Shankar's legacy.

Anoushka Shankar: A Citizen of the World with Roots

How the sitar player found her way between India and the pulsating cities of Europe.

5 Questions to Anoushka Shankar

The sitar virtuoso about her European-Indian homeland and cross-border music.

Ana Moura sings Fado
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Video on demand from 15 Aug 2019 : Ana Moura sings Fado

Ana Moura, Portugal's leading fadista, makes the cultural asset accessible to a young audience.

Elphi at Home: Majid Derakhshani
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Video on demand from 11 Apr 2020 : Elphi at Home: Majid Derakhshani

A master of classic Persian music as a concert stream.

Elbphilharmonie explains: The Instruments of the Silk Road

Short videos and descriptions of the kanun, the nay and the kemençe.

The Silk Road

Discover the cultures along one of the world’s oldest trade routes

Incense in Exchange for Gunpowder

The Silk Road: a trade route that altered the world.

In Buddha’s Footsteps

How Buddhist teaching made its mark on the Silk Road.

The Music of Mongolia

New narratives from the steppes: The ensembles Egschiglen and Khusugtun.

The musical worlds of Afghanistan

Lost gems rediscovered: The Afghan ensemble Safar.

Uzbek Songs

About the shashmaqam and an up-and-coming singer from the legendary city of Buchara.

5 Questions for Blick Bassy

A velvety voice sings for independence: singer-songwriter Blick Bassy from Cameroon.

Trio Joubran: A Trio Playing on Wood

Three Palestinian brothers add a new chapter to the history of Arab music.

5 Questions for Çiğdem Aslan

Çiğdem Aslan sings the »Greek blues« – and finds herself at home.

Chor zur Welt

A choir featuring singers from over 15 countries.

The Elbphilharmonie’s Gamelan

An exotic instrument travels to its new home.