mediathek Stories tagged #MusicHistory

Incense in Exchange for Gunpowder

The Silk Road: a trade route that altered the world.

Elbphilharmonie Explains: the Cornett

The Quintessence of a Flute, a Trumpet and a Human Being: the Cornett.

Great Britain: A Country with Music

A country that produced the Beatles and the »Proms«, and where there's a choir in every second village, can't be in such a bad way.

Elbphilharmonie Explains: Countertenor

Countertenors can sing beautifully in a high register. What is their secret?

Johann Strauss: Die Fledermaus

Champagne, masks and intrigue: the essentials of the cult operetta by waltz king Johann Strauss.

Christmas carols and their origin

The stories behind the most popular Christmas hits.

Christmas with the Beethovens

How did little Ludwig spend Christmas? An eye-witness report.

Telemann’s Opera: »Miriways«

Back after almost 300 years: Telemann’s opera »Miriways« at the Telemann Festival 2017 in Hamburg.

Not of this World: Stockhausen's Opera Cycle »Licht«

A big hit of innovation – the longest-running opera cycle in the history of music