Love Letters from London

Anoushka Shankar talks about her »Reflektor« weekend, the London scene and Ravi Shankar's legacy.

Anoushka Shankar is one of the most exciting stars of today's global music scene: as a sitar virtuoso she plays Indian classical music for millions, she fills the London clubs as a songwriter, and seeks exchange with artists from other cultures, from the worlds of pop, electro and jazz. Ms Shankar, who has received six Grammy nominations, curates her own »Reflektor« festival. We visited her in London in October.

Reflector Anoushka Shankar

The Reflektor Anoushka Shankar, originally planned in November 2020, has been rescheduled for the season 2021/22 and takes place from 4–7 November 2021. The programme will be announced later.

Video: Anoushka Shankar in interview

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