Iveta Apkalna: Morning mood in Latvian

The titular organist plays the piece »Early in the Morning« by her countryman Imants Zemzaris.

As the Elbphilharmonie's titular organist, Iveta Apakalna has been playing her way into the hearts of Hamburg music lovers since the concert hall was opened. The successful musician also attaches importance to presenting compositions from her native Latvia, such as »Early in the Morning« by Imants Zemzaris. The composer's atmospheric style has her pulling seductively bright stops on the organ.

Incidentally, Iveta Apkalna played this work in an open-air concert on Riga beach in the summer of 2020; the concert, entitled »Sunrise«, began at 6 in the morning

Iveta Apkalna plays »Early in the Morning« by Imants Zemzaris


Iveta Apkalna is the patron of the "Dzemdību nama fonds" foundation, which supports and educates families in Latvia.

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