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Elphi at Home: Annett Louisan

The Hamburg-based singer presents a 30-minute acoustic set in the empty Grand Hall.

The »Elphi at Home« series was born in spring 2020. When the concert halls were closed to the public, the Elbphilharmonie invited artists to stream concerts live from the Elbphilharmonie.

Annett Louisan is often referred to as the voice of the German-language chanson. And rightly so: her smart, witty and sometimes cheeky and frivolous texts go well with the French pop genre. Louisan's music varies between chanson, folk and pop, and even brought her an ECHO award in 2005. Last year saw the release of her latest album, »Kleine Große Liebe«. In her »ElphiAtHome« gig, Annett Louisan presents an acoustic set with excerpts from the new album and other popular songs.


Annett Louisan voice
Hardy Kayser guitar
Sascha Stiehler piano


1. Zweites erstes Mal

2. Das Spiel

3. Klein

4. Was haben wir gesucht?

5. Das Alles wär nie passiert

6. Das Gefühl

7. Drück die 1

8. Die schönsten Wege sind aus Holz

Annett Louisan Annett Louisan © Philipp Seliger
Annett Louisan Annett Louisan © Philipp Seliger
Annett Louisan Annett Louisan © Philipp Seliger

Text: Anastasia Päßler (Stand 08.04.2020)

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