Concert for Beginners

Musicians give tips for concertgoers.

How does a concert evening work? How do you become a good listener? And what prejudices about musicians are really true? Artists give some tips.

Part 1 :Listening to music with the Aris Quartett

How can you prepare for a concert? The Aris Quartett supplies some practical tips, and reveals whether you can practise listening, and whether you should.

»Practice for the concert: fix your gaze on one musician and try to hear his part.«

Caspar Vinzenz, viola player in the Aris Quartett

Part 2 :Doing away with prejudices with James Newby

As a singer, James Newby finds himself constantly confronted with prejudices. In this video, he explains what truth there is in them.

James Newby
James Newby © Aussenborder Filmproduktion GmbH

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James Newby gave a concert at the Elbphilharmonie as part of the »Rising Stars« festival.

Part 3 :Going to a concert with Diana Tishchenko

From the living room to the concert hall in five steps: violinist Diana Tishchenko shows how a concert evening works.

About the artists:
All the musicians who appear here are »Rising Stars« – they belong to a total of six young artists selected every year by the major European concert halls, which then send them on tour. In January 2021 the Rising Stars recorded concerts at the Elbphilharmonie which are now available to stream.

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Ivy Flindt
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Video on demand from 9 Apr 2021 : Ivy Flindt

Made in Hamburg: A live stream featuring the indie-pop band.

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on 16 Apr 2021 at 20:00 :
Piotr Anderszewski plays Bach

The Polish pianist presents his own personal selection from the »Well-Tempered Clavier«.