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Keyword »Orient« – The Playlist

Our playlist for »The Orient« from the music lexicon of the Elbphilharmonie.

The musical worlds of Afghanistan

Lost gems rediscovered: The Afghan ensemble Safar.

Trio Joubran: A Trio Playing on Wood

Three Palestinian brothers add a new chapter to the history of Arab music.

Keyword »Islands« – The Playlist

Our playlist inspired by islands. From the Elbphilharmonie Magazine's music lexicon.

Organ to the Limit: The Sorabji Project

Kevin Bowyer conquers a monstor of organ music: the eight-hour Organ Symphony by composer Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji.

Johann Strauss: Die Fledermaus

Champagne, masks and intrigue: the essentials of the cult operetta by waltz king Johann Strauss.

Christmas carols and their origin

The stories behind the most popular Christmas hits.

Elbphilharmonie Advent calendar

24 little doors to open – one for every day of Advent.

Christmas with the Beethovens

How did little Ludwig spend Christmas? An eye-witness report.

Dicht getaktet

Durch die Nacht mit den Technikerinnen und Technikern der Elbphilharmonie.

Chor zur Welt

A choir featuring singers from over 15 countries.

The Elbphilharmonie’s Gamelan

An exotic instrument travels to its new home.

The Acoustics at the Elbphilharmonie

Frequently asked questions about the acoustics in the Grand Hall.

Everything Can Be Heard Here

At the Elbphilharmonie you can hear every note – even in the highest seats – but also other sounds.

Keyword »Bridges« – The Playlist

Our playlist inspired by bridges. From the Elbphilharmonie Magazine's music lexicon.

The Smart Table on the Elbphilharmonie Plaza

The Elbphilharmonie Plaza is even more worth a visit than before, thanks to the Smart Table.

Far-Off Sounds
Play Video

Video on demand from 10 Nov 2020 : Far-Off Sounds

These concerts have a special magic about them: Ensemble Resonanz plays for dementia sufferers and their families.

5 Questions for Stefano Bollani

Outstanding improvisation artist with a sense of humour: jazz pianist Stefano Bollani.

Keyword »Neighbours« – The Playlist

Our playlist inspired by neighbours. From the Elbphilharmonie Magazine's music lexicon.

Black Market Tickets

Elbphilharmonie tickets are consistently being offered at exorbitant prices on the internet. Key questions and answers on the black market.