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The more we hear, the more we know: with pre-concert talks, artist talks, seminars and workshops, the Elbphilharmonie and Laeiszhalle not only present outstanding concerts, they also offer concertgoers a memorable, all-round experience.

An All-Round Experience

The Elbphilharmonie’s supporting programme offers a variety of different angles on the music performed – either to complement the concert itself, or as an experience in its own right.

As a rule, the Elbphilharmonie+ events are interdisciplinary in nature: exhibitions, talks to accompany a particular concert or events featuring flamenco dancing or scat singing. They take place in the Elbphilharmonie itself in some cases, as well as in museums, libraries and local culture centres.

Elbphilharmonie+ also includes films shown in cooperation with Hamburg cinemas and even culinary events: the programme reflects the many different ways of approaching music.

The programme will be regularly updated in the course of the season.

Pre-Concert Talks

Did you know that in his famous »Four Seasons«, composer Antonio Vivaldi set a barking dog and an ice-skater’s fall to music? Such interesting facts and entertaining anecdotes are waiting to be discovered in pre-concert talks, usually held one hour before the beginning of the concert.

For 30 minutes, experienced speakers and musicologists present background information on the respective works or, with the aid of a piano, explain musical concepts in an informal manner and in layman’s terms. Occasionally, the musicians themselves go on stage to offer a special personal introduction to their concert!

Full information on pre-concert talks can be found under What’s On, on the corresponding event page.

Pre-Concert Talk