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Useless knowledge from the Elbphilharmonie

10 facts to show off with: things you don't need to know, but you make a note of them anyway.

Fact no. 1

The Elbphilharmonie weighs a total of 200,000 tons. For the sake of comparison: that's roughly as much as two-and-a-half cruise ships the size of the »Queen Mary II«, or 722 A380 aircraft.

Grand Hall

Fact no. 2

Starting at an altitude of 51 metres, the Elbphilharmonie Grand Hall has a higher location than any other concert hall in the world.

Elbphilharmonie Orgel

Fact no. 3

The longest organ pipe is as big as a 10-metre diving platform, while the smallest pipe is no bigger than a little fingernail (11 mm). Incidentally, the sound made by the 10-metre pipe, which vibrates at 16 Hz, is perceived as a kind of muffled tingling.

Taube HALLO Festspiele

Fact no. 4

Why aren't there any birds on our outdoor plaza? Well, we have a special »bird frightener«: the sound waves it emits feel like someone is stroking your feathers, if you are a bird. But human beings don't feel anything.

Fact no. 5

The Elbphilharmonie has a total of 29 lifts – and 11 staircases.

Loggia Foyer Großer Saal

Fact no. 6

Does the shape of the windows remind you of something? Of a tuning fork, perhaps? The windows are actually modelled on the six loggias in the foyer of the Grand Hall.

Fact no. 7

With a surface area of roughly 3,100 sq.m., the Elbphilharmonie Plaza is approximately the same size as Hamburg's Rathausmarkt.

Leuchtröhren Foyer Großer Saal

Fact no. 8

It's worth looking up at the ceiling! Why are the neon tubes in the Grand Hall foyer so interesting? Because they all point towards the conductor's rostrum.


Fact no. 9

At a length of 80 metres, the Elbphilharmonie escalator (known as »the Tube«) is the world's longest curved escalator. Incidentally, the longest »normal« escalator is in St. Petersburg in Russia and measures 137 metres!

Foyer Kleiner Saal

Fact no. 10

Who would have thought that? The Elbphilharmonie has an unbelievable 4,000 rooms, of which »only« 500 belong to the concert halls.

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