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The World of Instruments digital

It's not difficult to make music – we show you how! (German only)

Series 1: We make music!

To make music you need sheet music, an expensive instrument and lots of practice. No you don’t, not at all! You can track down hidden sounds at home and make your instrument using the simplest resources. Our professionals from the Elbphilharmonie World of Instruments show you how it’s done.

Part 1: We build instruments

There are loads of musical instruments hidden in your apartment! You don’t believe us? Try it out here – Linda and Pawel from the Elbphilharmonie World of Instruments wish you lots of fun drumming, whistling and plucking!

Instrumentenwelt digital


Let us have your creative ideas! Every Tuesday at 11.00 on Facebook we set you a new challenge.

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Episode 2: Body percussion

You haven't let off steam today? Show what you can do on the drums – with body percussion!

Instrumentenwelt digital: Bodypercussion

Episode 3: We sing together

Singing makes you happy! So oil your vocal chords and sing along with Linda and Pablo!

Linda und Oawel singen

Series 2: We invent music!

Listening to your favourite songs is all well and good. But how does one actually invent new music? our detectives from the Elbphilharmonie World of Instruments reveal where sounds are hidden, and how you can capture them.

Part 1: Experimenting with sounds

Can you guess what sounds are hidden in Sara’s living room? Help Annegret solve the puzzle!

children’s programme

All concerts, videos and join-in tips for young ears.

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Episode 2: Painting sounds

Can you actually see sounds? Of course you can, you just need to paint them! Sara and Annegret show you how to conjure up your own sound pictures.

Episode 3: Sounds in motion

Do you want to get some exercise? Then join in and let sounds wander through your body! Who will think up the most exciting sounds and movements…?

Instrumentenwelt digital: Annegret und Sara

Episode 4: Poems with music

You can use sounds, pictures and movements to tell wonderful stories. In this episode Sara and Annegret show you how to set a poem to music.

Two haikus for your own poems set to music:

From afar there comes
The sound of bells ringing – listen,
Through the springtime mist.

In all the rain
The lark shakes itself
And flies heavenwards.

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