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What international artists say about the Elbphilharmonie

Jiang Fangzhou

Jiang Fangzhou

Jiang Fangzhou, born in 1989, is a celebrated Chinese author. The literary wunderkind began to write at a very young age and published her first book at the age of nine. Fangzhou became the deputy editor of one of the most influential Chinese newspapers when she was 23. She is currently the author of 10 books.

Thomas Hampson

Thomas Hampson

He is known as the world’s finest baritone and his mantelpiece groans under the weight of Grammy and Echo awards – to top it all the man looks like a film star! Thomas Hampson was one of the first singers to perform as part of the Elbphilharmonie’s opening festival. For him one thing is clear: »This building is much more than just a concert hall with unique acoustics. For me it is like bowing before music itself.«

Jing Xing

Jin Xing

Jin Xing is one of China’s most famous dancers. As a TV host she is regularly broadcast into the homes of millions – and she has a truly extraordinary life story to tell. Jin Xing was assigned male at birth. After a stellar career in the Chinese army, she went to New York at the age of twenty in order to pursue her passion: dancing. At the age of twenty-six she returned to China, founded her own dance school and underwent sex reassignment surgery. As the first transgender woman in China she was officially recognised as a woman by the authorities.

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