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Video on demand from 20 Sep 2019

Reeperbahn Festival LIVE: Anna Ternheim

Anna Ternheim’s folk pop is infused with a disarming restraint.

Video available until 11 Nov 2019

Anna Ternheim’s folk pop is infused with a disarming restraint. For more than 15 years, the singer-songwriter with the fragile timbre has understood how to focus her music on what really matters in order to make a deep impression in the minds of her audience. This year she will present her new album – in time for the release on 20 September – at the Reeperbahn Festival, as part of which she will be collaborating with the Kaiser Quartet for the first time. The world premiere not only includes new material by Ternheim, but also the premieres of pieces written by the Swedish musician in collaboration with the Kaiser Quartet specially for this concert.

Lisa Morgenstern belongs to that young generation of musicians that, with classical training in instrument and voice, is able to coax unique sounds from the myriad of modern production possibilities. In the young composer’s work, atmospheric synthesizer effects share equal status with expressive piano lines. To these she adds a voice that spans several octaves, and on her new album »Chameleon« she glides through Baroque pop songs that retain a remarkably cool elegance with all the electronic accoutrement.

Reeperbahn Festival LIVE

Watch the concert broadcast featuring Efterklang in the Grand Hall here.

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