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Guest Appearance by the Munich Philhar­monic

The Munich Philharmonic presented two different concert programmes at the Elbphilharmonie – impressions and comments from the audience.

»It was like getting the music by intravenous drip«, commented one member of the audience after the acclaimed concert given by the Munich Philharmonic in the Elbphilharmonie Grand Hall on 22 January. The orchestra travelled up to Hamburg together with its principal conductor Valery Gergiev to give a pair of concerts, both of which were enthusiastically received.

Impressions of the Concerts

The Concerts as Video-on-Demand

21 January: Russian Programme

For the first of the two evenings, maestro Valery Gergiev selected three composers from his native Russia for the programme: in addition to Dmitri Shostakovich's monumental Fourth Symphony and a colourful suite by Rimsky-Korsakov, the musicians played Stravinsky's »Chant funèbre«, a work that was long believed lost after its 1909 premiere, and was not rediscovered until 2015.

22 January: A Double Dose of Mahler

The music of Gustav Mahler occupies a special place in the Munich Philharmonic's 125-year history. The orchestra gave the first performances of Mahler's Fourth Symphony and of his »Lied von der Erde« over a century ago. The premiere of the Fourth Symphony was even conducted by the composer himself. The Munich orchestra presented both works at this concert at the Elbphilharmonie.

After a performance of Mahler's »Lied von der Erde« set off a debate about the concert hall's acoustics in mid-January, the Munich Philharmonic showed that the Grand Hall is ideally suited for this work. The sound as recorded by microphones only conveys an indirect impression of the hall's acoustics, it's true; but the audience's concentration and enthusiasm are palpable. The vocal soloists positioned behind the orchestra could be heard well from every seat. For further information on the acoustics, please see our acoustics FAQs.

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