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Film Composer for a Day

At our workshop on film music, participants made short films and then wrote their own soundtracks to accompany them.

Shooting, editing and composing like real film-makers – the film music workshop in the Elbphilharmonie's Kaistudio gave participants the chance to do just this on two weekends in May. After an introduction to movie production techniques and film music, the participants manned the cameras and used the composition software themselves. And the outcome is not bad at all: six very different film shorts with tailor-made soundtracks.

3. Internationales Musikfest Hamburg

The film music workshop fit very well into the Hamburg International Music Festival's programme, which focused this year on visionary films and their soundtracks under the motto »Utopia«. Read more

Learning From Film Professionals

The keen music and movie fans were supported on the set and in the selection of video sequences by film-makers Karsten Wiesel und Henrietta Langholz. And with Aljoscha Christenhuß, Christian Vorländer and Claudius Carstens, the workshop participants had two composers and a music producer at their side, all of them experienced film professionals. Tricks and tips for using the production software were contributed by experts from the Steinberg company.

The Videos

1. Architecture

The pulse of a metropolis: the film fans added urban beats to their video »Architecture«, which shows to perfect effect the architectural highlights of the Elbphilharmonie.

  • Camera (all videos): Tatiana Adler, Henning Albrecht, Olaf Esher, Katherina Frey, Dirk Honig, Moritz Kaiser, Cornelius Koken, Carlo Mierswa, Lilly Neugebauer
  • Editing: Henrietta Langholz, Karsten Wiesel
  • Composition: Dirk Honig, Moritz Kaiser
  • Sound engineer: Aldo Lamanna

2. Pinwheel

Wind, metal, vibrations: in »Pinwheel« a wind turbine with the Hamburg docks in the foreground is transformed into abstract shapes and movements. The workshop participants translated this metamorphosis into music and sounds.

  • Editing/Composition: Karsten Wiesel, Henrietta Langholz
  • Sound engineer: Aldo Lamanna

3. Plants

Hamburg's Hafencity is grey, modern and full of office buildings. Well, that's not entirely true. Dandelions, bushes and trees are sprouting amongst the glossy facades and the asphalt. The workshop participants produced an atmospheric short film about the constant growth of nature entitled »Plants«.

  • Composition: Tatiana Adler, Henning Albrecht, Olaf Esher, Cornelius Koken
  • Sound engineer: Claudius Carstens

4. Sequence 07

People stroll by the water, a pigeon cleans its feathers at a roof's edge. »Sequence 07« opens unassumingly – until someone throws the switch…

  • Composition: Katherina Frey, Carlo Mierswa, Lilly Neugebauer
  • Sound engineer: Sebastian Moench

5. Trains

It rolls on and on and on: the Hamburg underground plays the lead role in »Trains«.

  • Composition: Katherina Frey, Dirk Honig, Moritz Kaiser, Carlo Mierswa
  • Sound engineer: Sebastian Moench

6. Waves

They pervade house walls, escalators and even the facade of the Elbphilharmonie – waves are the subject in the sixth short video, which immerses the Hafencity in water without further ado.

  • Composition: Dirk Honig, Moritz Kaiser
  • Sound engineer: Aldo Lamanna
Buchla Synthesizer
Buchla Synthesizer


The Elbphilharmonie is constantly putting on interesting workshops. For example, at the »Electronauts« festival from 15 to 17 June, where professionals from the electronic music  scene give an insight into making music with modular synthesizers, loop-stations and the software Ableton.

Images 1-6; 9 © Henrietta Langholz
Images 7-8 © Lars Slowak

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