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Video on demand from 21 Apr 2020

Elphi at Home: Alli Neumann

The unconventional and charming singer plays – unplugged – a selection of 6 songs

Video available until 22 Apr 2025

About the artist

»I'm not interested in being just one more polished, conformist woman in the music industry. It's time for a bit of a rampage!« People are fond of calling Alli Neumann the new Nina Hagen – her music is just as nonconformist as that of the German punk legend. But Neumann has a mind of her own, and her songs tell of highly personal experiences and feelings, of longing, fear and pain. Alli grew up in North Frisia, but she spent several years of her childhood in Poland, where her mother comes from. In the meantime she lives with her sisters in Hamburg, and is a successful actress and musician; she has joined Trettmann and Max Herre for individual songs, and would have been on her first solo tour now, if it hadn't been postponed until the end of the year. Why she postponed the dates so early on, what she gets up to in times of self-isolation and why it's important to do voluntary work at the moment: these are things she tells us in an interview she gave for our Elphi at Home - Podcast (in German).


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Elphi at Home Podcast

Alli Neumann about the concert experience

Listen to the podcast (in German)
Alli Neumann


Alli Neumann – voice, guitar

Sophie Knops – guitar

Feeja Reiche – piano


1. Maybe Baby

2. Was ist denn los

3. Atlanta

4. Orchideen

5. Mir lebn eybik (Lejb Rosenthal)

6. Hohes Fieber

Text: Anastasia Päßler (Stand 21.04.2020)

Alli Neumann
Alli Neumann
Alli Neumann
Alli Neumann
Alli Neumann
Alli Neumann

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