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Elbphilharmonie’s Christmas Tips

The best songs, last-minute gifts and events for the most reflective time of year.

What should I give as gifts? Where can I hear Bach’s Christmas Oratorio? And which playlist can I play to accompany decorating the Christmas tree? We have all the answers to those pestering questions in the run-up to Christmas.

Gift Tips

Concert Tickets

Give the gift of music! Although many concerts at the Elbphilharmonie are already sold out, it's worth it to regularly take a glance through our concert calendar. New concerts are constantly being added to it, and more tickets go on sale time and again. With our »Tickets Available« filter, you can choose to see only those concerts that still have tickets available to purchase: all bookable events at the Elbphilharmonie and Laeiszhalle.

Elbphilharmonie Photo Book

Hot off the press: our photo book »Elbphilharmonie. Die erste Saison – Künstler, Konzerte, Emotionen« (Elbphilharmonie. The First Season – Artists, Concerts, Emotions) is packed full to the brim with extraordinary pictures and exciting insider stories. »When you flip through this book, you feel as if you had been there yourself«, wrote German magazine Stern.

Purchase online

Cookie Cutter

Who can bake the most beautiful Elbphilharmonie? The cult cookie cutter is only one of many products available in our shop on the Plaza. A visit is definitely worth it!

Christmas Playlist

Boost your mood on cold, dark days: our Christmas playlist »Frohes Fest« (»Last Christmas« is not on the list, we promise!).

Concert Recommendations

J.S. Bach’s Christmas Oratorio in Hamburg

The undisputed musical front-runner in the pre-Christmas period: Johann Sebastian Bach and his famous Christmas Oratorio. The work will not only be performed in the concert halls of the Elbphilharmonie and Laeiszhalle – the oratorio can be heard almost 20 times across the whole city before and at Christmas. All performances at a glance:

  • 20 Dec, 18:00: for children, Hauptkirche St. Nikolai
  • 20 Dec, 19:00: parts I-VI, Hamburg State Opera
  • 20 Dec, 20:00: parts I-III, Hauptkirche St. Nikolai
  • 21 Dec, 19:30: parts I-III, VI; Laeiszhalle (Grand Hall)
  • 22 Dec, 18:00: parts I-III for schoolchildren, Ev.-Luth. Kirchengemeinde Blankenese
  • 22 Dec, 20:00: parts I-III, Ev.-Luth. Kirchengemeinde Blankenese
  • 23 Dec, 18:00: parts I-VI, Hamburg State Opera
  • 24 Dec, 17:00: Christmas vespers (with chorales from the Christmas Oratorio), Dreifaltigkeitskirche Hamm
  • 24 Dec, 23:00: parts I-III, St. Stephan, Wandsbek-Gartenstadt
  • 24 Dec, 23:00: church service (part I), St. Johannis-Harvestehude
  • 24 Dec, 23:30: Midnight Mass (chorales from the Christmas Oratorio), Marktkirche
  • 25 Dec, 11:00: Christmas service (with selections from the Christmas Oratorio), Martin-Luther-Kirche, Hamburg-Alsterdorf
  • 25 Dec, 11:00: church service (part II), St. Johannis-Harvestehude
  • 25 Dec, 18:00: nativity service (part I), Hauptkirche St. Michaelis
  • 26 Dec, 10:00: part I, St. Johannis Eppendorf
  • 26 Dec, 11:00: parts IV-VI, Hauptkirche St. Nikolai
  • 26 Dec, 11:00: church service (part III), St. Johannis-Harvestehude
  • 26 Dec, 18:00: parts I-VI, Hamburg State Opera