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Elbphilharmonie Revisited

The Deichtorhallen displays artworks inspired by the Elbphilharmonie.

On Thursday, 9 February, the »Elbphilharmonie Revisited« exhibition at the Deichtorhallen opened to the public. Twelve internationally acclaimed artists, whose works are closely associated with architecture, were invited to contribute, taking their inspiration from the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg. The participating artists present works in a wide variety of different media developed specifically for the exhibition: the spectrum ranges from photography and large-scale installations through to sculptures and film.

The artists invite the public to take a completely new, often unexpected look at the architectural project of Hamburg’s new concert hall.

Elbphilharmonie Revisited

The exhibition includes works by: Baltic Raw Org, Monica Bonvicini, Peter Buggenhout, Jean-Marc Bustamante, Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, Tacita Dean, Uli M. Fischer, Liam Gillick, Herzog & de Meuron, Candida Höfer, Sarah Morris, Thomas Ruff, Tomás Saraceno.

Alongside artworks, »Elbphilharmonie Revisited« presents a selection of architectural models and material samplings from the archive of architects Herzog & de Meuron.

The Belgian artist Peter Buggenhout talks about his first impressions of the Elbphilharmonie on the occasion of the exhibition opening. Buggenhout’s first visit to the concert hall was during its test phase – a chaotic and exciting period in the months leading up to its official opening. People were running around, to the right and left were unfinished projects, and many different languages could be heard at the same. Bruggenhout associated this situation with the Tower of Babel, from which his work later developed.

Peter Buggenhout tells us how the Elbphilharmonie inspired him and why he still enjoys strolling through the building today: