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Elbphilharmonie Mixtape

One hour of the Elbphilharmonie on the radio. The Elbphilharmonie Mixtape is broadcast on the first Saturday of every month from 12:00 to 13:00.

Elbphilharmonie concerts take centre stage in this regular series of hour-long radio features, broadcast in cooperation with ByteFM. The hour-long programmes present music ranging from classical and jazz through to electronic and experimental.

  • The Elbphilharmonie Mixtape on web radio: first Saturday of the month, 12:00–13:00
  • The Elbphilharmonie Mixtape on 91,7 FM: every Monday following the first Saturday of the month, 19:00
  • Repeated: every second Monday following the first Saturday of the month, 19:00

Mixtape on 2 June

The Elbphilharmonie dedicates a three-day festival to the pioneers of electronic music: first and foremost Manuel Göttsching, who laid an important foundation for genres like techno and trance with his »E2-E4« record. In the latest Mixtape by ByteFM the Chinese performance artist Pan Daijing has her say – she belongs to the new generation of »Electronauts«​​ that still stands in the tradition of Göttsching.

Mixtape from 12 May

»The diverse concerts featuring Teodor Currentzis«, »the Reflector featuring Laurie Anderson«, »the comprehensive Jazzprogramme« or »Mitsuko Uchida's piano recitals«: in the latest Elbphilharmonie Mixtape the creative minds behind the new Elbphilharmonie season have a chance to speak. They present their personal highlights and reveal which concerts you definitely shouldn't miss in the next season. They are all unanimous on one point –  in terms of classical concert halls, the Elbphilharmonie once again offers the »most exciting programme on earth«.

Byte FM

From indie-rock and reggae to blues, techno and French chansons, ByteFM plays the very best of today's popular music. With the Elbphilharmonie Mixtape, ByteFM extends its scope to include classical music. Tune in for interviews and features, keep up to date with current developments on the music scene and hear the stories behind the music.