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Elbphilharmonie: It's Christmastime!

High time for Father Christmas to pay the Elbphilharmonie a visit.

The candles are flickering on the Advent wreath, the scent of mulled wine wafts through the streets, and people are eating more gingerbread than is probably good for them: the season of Advent has begun! And the Elbphilharmonie is in a festive mood as well, with one very special guest making an important contribution.

1st Sunday of Advent: Fallen from the Sky

Arrival from above: the only visitor who is allowed to land on the Elbphilharmonie roof.

Weihnachtsmann auf dem Elbphilharmonie-Dach


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2nd Sunday of Advent: From the Reflector to Inside the Organ

Even the remotest corners of the Elbphilharmonie do not daunt someone who squeezes through sooty chimneys for a living. It's the busiest time of year for Santa Claus, be it up on high in the Reflector, or deep inside the organ. And guess what? He knows how to improvise too!

Weihnachtsmann in der Elbphilharmonie

3rd Sunday of Advent: In the Director's Office

One week left – and the sack full of presents isn't getting any lighter...

3. Advent: Weihnachtsmann

4th Sunday of Advent: At the Grand Piano

The work is finished. Time for a contemplative breather – with music played by Father Christmas himself. Merry Christmas!

Der Weihnachtsmann am Flügel

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