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Elbphilharmonie Advent Calendar / Doors 1-12

Love surprises? Funny and exciting stories are hiding behind 24 Elbphilharmonie doors.

There are a large number of doors in the Elbphilharmonie – concertgoers and Plaza visitors know some of them; others are normally not accessible to the public. For the Elbphilharmonie Advent calendar this Christmas season, 24 selected doors will be opened exclusively. Wonder what’s hiding behind them...?

Elbphilharmonie Adventskalender: Tür 13-24 ansehen

Door 12: Cello/Double Bass Warm-Up Room

Door 11: Störtebeker Restaurant

Door 10: Christine and Klaus-Michael Kühne Sky Lounge

Door 9: Reflector

Door 8: Above the Recital Hall

Elbphilharmonie Adventskalender / Tür 8

Door 7: Cafeteria

Elbphilharmonie Adventskalender / Tür 7

Door 6: The Westin Hamburg Hotel

Elbphilharmonie Adventskalender 2017 / Tür 6

Door 5: Elphi Cut-Out for Advent

Adventskalender 2017 / Tür 5

Make your own DIY Elbphilharmonie Advent cut-out at home! All you need: a printer, four sheets of A4 paper, scissors, Pritt stick, a match or lighter, and a tea light. Oh, and don't forget the template!

Download Advent cut-out

Door 4: Stage Manager's Console / Recital Hall

Elbphilharmonie Adventskalender / Tür 4

Door 3: Plaza

Elbphilharmonie Adventskalender / Tür 3

Door 2: Organ

Elbphilharmonie Adventskalender / Tür 2

Door 1: Underground station Baumwall

Elbphilharmonie Adventskalender / Tür 1

Music: We Wish You a Merry Christmas / United States Marine Band (Creative Commons Licence)

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