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Digital Exhibitions

Architectural images, behind-the-scenes insights and information on the history of the Elbphilharmonie – virtual exhibitions on Google Arts & Culture and Google Expeditions.

Visit the Elbphilharmonie’s new Google Arts & Culture profile at g.co/elbphilharmonie. A wide range of exhibitions reveal insights into the development of the Hamburg’s new landmark.

And the Google Exhibitions app leads you on an immersive 3D trip through the Elbphilharmonie –  with questions and explanations suitable for school teaching.

Google Arts & Culture

To All Elbphilharmonie Exhibitions on Google Arts & Culture

Google Expeditions

Discover the world from the comfort of your classroom: Travel to innumerable historic landmarks and view them in 3D with the Google Expeditions App. The Elbphilharmonie too!

The app leads you on an immersive virtual trip through the Elbphilharmonie with the help of questions and explanations about the architecture of the concert halls, the features of the Elbphilharmonie organ and much more.

Use a »Google Cardboard« viewer to have an even better experience in immersive VR.

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