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11 Best Selfie Spots in and around the Elbphilharmonie

Top locations for your souvenir snapshot: 11 ideal spots for the perfect selfie.

Day in, day out, cameras are in constant action in and around the Elbphilharmonie as visitors try and take the perfect souvenir photo. But what's the best way to record your visit to the Elbphilharmonie in a selfie? We've selected the best angles from our own favourite spots and your best pictures with the hashtag #elphiselfie on social media. So have your smartphone or camera at the ready: here come the eleven most promising sElphi spots!

1. Mahatma Gandhi Bridge

Walking towards the Elbphilharmonie from the underground station Baumwall, the building first appears in its full splendour when you turn on to the Mahatma Gandhi Bridge. No wonder cameras can be heard here clicking like crazy! The foot of the bridge is our special tip: standing to the right of the barrier, you can photograph your own face with the Elbphilharmonie in the background to good effect.

© Lena Meyer / Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

Selfie basics

  • Pay attention to the background
  • Photograph in soft light
  • Show the camera your best side
  • Light from above flatters the figure
  • A selfie stick and a voice trigger help avoid blurred pictures

2. Ride the Tube!

Let's move on to Western Europe's longest escalator – the Tube, which leads up to the Plaza. Nearly 82 metres long, the Tube invites you to slow down and take pictures. Plus, everyone's standing in a line, so you have two and a half minutes to not only photograph yourself, but your family and friends as well: a group selfie!

#elphiselfie © frauhaaseheiratet / Instagram

3. Mirror, mirror on the wall: the Plaza

Modelled on a market square, the Plaza not only offers the chance to stroll around and enjoy the view of the docklands – the many glass facades, windows and mirrors are perfect surfaces for taking creative self-portraits. Our tip: try it out standing in front of a reflecting surface – not holding the camera in front of you, selfie-style, but holding the camera up to the glass.

© Lena Meyer / Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

4. Capturing the Hamburg docklands

Hamburg, what a city! This is what pretty much every Hamburg local probably thinks when he lets his gaze wander from the west side of the Plaza. With ships and cranes in the background, the perfect spot for a selfie with unique dockland flair.

#elphiselfie © onelife.live.it / Instagram

5. The north side: with the city at your feet

Pssst…the north side of the city is just as interesting. The higher-up view from the foyer of the Grand Hall or the Recital Hall offers concertgoers an alternative to the typical Plaza photo; the balconies (Grand Hall Foyer) are especially popular. And in the foyer itself, the higher up you are, the better the effect of depth in the picture!

#elphiselfie / Facebook
#elphiselfie / Facebook © Alexandra Moros

6. Grand Hall: at the heart of the Elbphilharmonie

The Elbphilharmonie Grand Hall not only makes music lovers' hearts beat faster – photographers get excited as well. From the 15th and 16th floor, all the beauty of the Grand Hall can be captured to great effect in a selfie. A tip from a professional: the best time to take photos is in the interval, when you won't be bothering either the person next to you or the artists. Plus, most of the audience enjoy the interval in the foyer, so you have plenty of time to look for the best position.

© Lena Meyer / Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

7. The white skin

The wall facing in the Grand Hall, nicknamed the »White Skin«, not only guarantees the Elbphilharmonie's unique acoustics, it also holds a magnetic attraction for interested concertgoers and keen photographers. Every one of the 10,000 plaster panels is different, providing a new background relief for every picture.

#elphiselfie / Instagram
#elphiselfie / Instagram © koestlina

8. Recital Hall

The Recital Hall is every bit the equal of its larger brother, both acoustically and visually. With its wonderful wooden panelling and the classic layout of the audience seating, it has a particularly intimate atmosphere. The foyer welcomes visitors with warm wood tones and a view over the city. Have you got your camera ready?

© Lena Meyer / Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

9. The forecourt: a true selfie classic

There are several spots out in the fresh air ideally suited for selfies. A self-portrait on the Elbphilharmonie forecourt is particularly popular. Try a snapshot either right next to the restaurant, or from the jetty: it's worth it!

#elphiselfie / Instagram
#elphiselfie / Instagram © markuslomb

10. Am Kaiserkai

A bit more out of the ordinary is a selfie taken from Am Kaiserkai, the road that leads eastwards away from the Elbphilharmonie. The longer you walk down the road, the more attractive the view of Hamburg's new landmark becomes. So don't give up too soon: take a little walk!

© Lena Meyer / Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

11. View from the Magellan Terraces

If you've already taken photo no. 10, the Magellan Terraces are easy to reach, and from here the Elbphilharmonie opposite can be integrated into a selfie with landing-stage flair. The adjacent harbour with traditional boats fits perfectly into the picture.

#elphiselfie / Instagram
#elphiselfie / Instagram © franzieh9

Was that enough inspiration? If you want some more ideas, the Landungsbrücken, Baumwall or the harbour ferries offer lots more super views of the Elbphilharmonie! Just grab your smartphone or your camera and discover the best spots for yourself. Have fun!

#elphiselfie / Instagram
#elphiselfie / Instagram © tbras

Author: Lena Meyer

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