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Kulturhaus 73
Fri, 22 Apr 2016   14:00

Marino Formenti & Friends / Open House

2. Internationales Musikfest Hamburg

Attaining total artistic licence is a dream for most artists, including Marino Formenti. For the Italian pianist and conductor, »normal« concerts are just too boring and unimaginative – instead, he prefers atypical locations and unfamiliar compositions. At the 2nd Hamburg International Music Festival, Formenti’s biggest artistic vision becomes reality, in which a concert is not a concert, but rather a permanent, interactive installation.

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Marino Formenti artistic director

und weitere Gäste


Promoter: HamburgMusik gGmbH

Gefördert durch die Rudolf Augstein Stiftung
Mit Unterstützung der HipHop Academy Hamburg und RockCity Hamburg e.V.