Kulturhaus 73

Marino Formenti & Friends / Open House

2. Internationales Musikfest Hamburg

This event has already taken place!
This event has already taken place!

Attaining total artistic licence is a dream for most artists, including Marino Formenti. For the Italian pianist and conductor, »normal« concerts are just too boring and unimaginative – instead, he prefers atypical locations and unfamiliar compositions. At the 2nd Hamburg International Music Festival, Formenti’s biggest artistic vision becomes reality, in which a concert is not a concert, but rather a permanent, interactive installation.

For one stimulating week, Marino Formenti locks himself in the Haus 73 on Schulterblatt to develop and experiment with new ideas and musical oeuvres with musicians, young people and refugees from Hamburg and beyond. This takes place not behind locked doors, but by contrast aims to be an open process completely without stylistic boundaries. So, come by, grab a drink and listen in on a work in progress. On Saturday, 30 April, the project culminates in a closing concert and party featuring prominent guest musicians.


Marino Formenti artistic director

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2nd Hamburg International Music Festival

Promoter: HamburgMusik gGmbH

Gefördert durch die Rudolf Augstein Stiftung
Mit Unterstützung der HipHop Academy Hamburg und RockCity Hamburg e.V.